Working Toward Change

A core value of Head Toward College is giving back. Therefore, we encourage students will participate in monthly Compassion Projects through our Working Toward Change campaign. Together, students brainstorm, create, and implement a variety of community service projects. Each month students choose a “project manager” who helps to lead the rest of the group. This ensures all participants experience and build upon their passions as well as leadership skills.

Students also have opportunities to take on leadership roles by applying to be on the Working Toward Change Advisory Board where they participate in leadership training and take on additional responsibilities

Past and ongoing projects include:

  • Sock drive: students collected and delivered socks to local homeless shelters.
  • PBandJ Sandwich making: students participate in a weekly program to make lunch bags to deliver to persons living in temporary housing.
  • Heart Campaign: students made Valentine's day cards for residents of a senior living facility.
  • Shovel for a neighbor: students have offered elderly neighbors assistance in shoveling during a recent snowstorm.
  • Tutoring: students worked with elementary students to engage them in reading and math activities during the COVID- pandemic.
  • Knitting for a Cause: students knit hats for babies and to be distributed as part of a "Welcome Home" package for families in need.

Head Toward College administrators work with community organizations to use these projects to help fill service hours they may need for graduation.

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