Success Stories

  • "Thank you for working with Emma and helping her be so confident, calm, and on track during the application process. Obviously, she is delighted with her acceptance, which builds on all the hard work you enabled her to do on refining her essays, turning things in on time, and putting together a great backup plan that we’re grateful she didn’t need. "
    John - parent, Newton, MA

  • "Eydie's passion and enthusiasm for her craft shine through immediately upon meeting her. She is always professional and friendly and knows how to connect with her students as well as parents. Eydie treats each student as if they are her only focus and gives them individualized attention. She is a compassionate professional!"
    kathy - parent, Brookline, MA

  • "My oldest son had the benefit of her time towards the end of his college application process and he will tell you, "I love Eydie!" He credits her with getting him to the finish line. He is currently at Northeastern University."
    Irena - parent, Needham, MA

  • "Her patience and love for her work were put to the test with my second son. He didn't understand nor trust the process as he was too nervous and focused on the end target. Eydie skillfully put him at ease and guided him through a stressful time. His destination is yet to be determined however with her support and mentoring he was able to apply to over a dozen schools."
    Elizabeth - parent, Lincoln, MA

  • "I'm lucky enough to have Eydie Balsam work with 2 of my kids on test prep and college counseling: one is applying to college and one applying to graduate school. Both have very different styles and needs and Eydie is able to work successfully with both of my girls. With my senior in high school, Eydie has worked with M. on SAT prep, organizational skills, essay writing, choosing colleges and applications--taking a very stressful situation with an anxious teen and bringing some peace and ease to both of us. Eydie's background in social work sets her apart in understanding the mind of a teenager."
    Stacey- parent, Newton, MA

  • “During the college admission process, I struggled with knowing exactly what I was looking for in a school and who I wanted to become once I was at college. I went into the process thinking I knew exactly what school I was applying to and what I would major in, but after Eydie encouraged me to look at my strengths, my interests, and my future aspirations I realized that I was limiting myself without even knowing it. My application process was not easy, but Eydie made it less stressful, and even fun at times.
    Josh- former HTC student

  • "When I learned that she was starting the Scholars program from Head Toward College, I was excited and wished that the program was available to me when I was in high school. If I had joined the Scholars program I know my application process would have been easier for me - and my parents!”
    Bella, former HTC student

  • "Eydie was our rock through the college testing and advising process. As parents, we find Eydie to be smart, insightful, down to earth and communicative. She is deeply knowledgeable about college admissions and truly committed to her students.
    Ellen and Daniel-parent, Newton, MA

  • "Eydie cares about every student and wants everyone to succeed. She is honest and dedicated to all that she does. Eydie is like a superhero because she has so much to handle and she gets it all done. "
    Caroline and Jonny, former HTC students

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