Our counselors take the time to understand each student's individual aptitudes, goals, and interests, to create a personalized journey as they Head Toward College.

The college selection and admissions process can leave parents and students anxious and confused. It can be hard to know where to start, challenging for them to filter out important information or even to know whether that information is accurate.

Together with our students and their families, our counselors take the time to understand each individual student's aptitudes, goals, and interests, to create a personalized journey as they Head Toward College.

We Start with “U”

Our counselors begin by developing a “U” profile. Only then do we provide guidance on building a well-balanced list of colleges, based on both “U” and your academic profile.

The Search

Researching colleges can be overwhelming. Our experienced counselors make this part of the process efficient and fun. We offer sample travel itineraries, lists of what to do while on a campus tour, and how to learn about colleges prior to visiting.

During the Search

Our counselors specialize in flexibility. We understand that students and their college lists are ever-changing. We work closely with students throughout their search to refine and strengthen their lists as we move to the next stage of the process: The application.

Beginning the Applications!

Our counselors and essay specialists have vast experience and a proven track record for guiding students to find colleges that match their “U” profile and helping them complete their applications with a clear, concise, and timely method to keep them on track, organized - and smiling along the way!

Writing the Essay!

Using individual student's “U” profile, our counselors help students brainstorm essay and supplemental question topics, guiding them to show their authentic, unique selves. As a bonus, we keep them on track with their deadlines (so parents don’t need to nag them to get their essays done!)

Wait, there is an interview?

Yes, some schools recommend or “highly” recommend interviews. Don’t worry, our expert admissions counselors will get you ready.

EA/ED/RD and what is Rolling Admissions?

Confused by the alphabet soup? Don’t worry our counselors will help you and your student understand the acronyms and guide them to build their unique admissions plan.


Whether you hear from schools in the fall (during rolling admissions), December or January (during early action or early decision) or March (regular decision) our Head Toward College counselors help students process through this next step.

Ok, now how are we going to pay for it all?

We understand that the need-based financial aid system can be daunting. Head Toward College counselors provide expert advice on both needs-based and merit scholarship opportunities.


Eydie's passion and enthusiasm for her craft shine through immediately upon meeting her. She is always professional and friendly and knows how to connect with her students as well as parents. Eydie treats each student as if they are her only focus and gives them individualized attention. She is a compassionate professional!

We offer hourly, block, and comprehensive packages.

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