10th Grade

Students who engage with us during their sophomore year are supported as they continue to explore their interests and develop the skills they need to acquire to enjoy a productive, fulfilling high school experience.

Students who begin their work with us in 10th grade receive guidance and support to:

  • Explore academic interests to help guide their future course selections
  • Create short and long term plans to encourage self-exploration
  • Discover aptitudes and interests to assist in their involvement in extracurricular activities
  • Develop tools to expand their self-advocacy, study skills, time management, and other leadership skills
  • Devise a plan for summer opportunities
  • Participate in activities to find and apply to internships or other summer activities
  • Engage in projects to build on their curiosity
  • Participate in compassion projects
  • Design a comprehensive plan for future standardized tests (which tests to take and when to take them, and how to prepare)

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