We Believe
that students have choices


While many college admissions advisors will start by asking students where they want to go to college, our approach is different.

We start by asking your children who they are today, who they want to be when they get to college, and how they hope college will help them become their best future selves.

Our guiding philosophy is to give students confidence in their "who." We support students in understanding their core values and interests, as together we discover the colleges that will provide the best environment for them.

Our goal is to not simply have a list of acceptances that students can hang on their wall, but a list of acceptances to schools that truly match who they are (and who they want to become). Even more so, we aim to develop the intangible skills to set them up for success once they get to college and beyond.

Who We Are

Eydie and Bonnie met as moms over 15 years ago when their eldest daughters were in pre-school together. However, it wasn’t until years later, while working together within a non-profit organization, where Eydie and Bonnie discovered that they had the makings of a great team! With over 20 years of experience, together they offer support and solutions to other parents and their children to help reduce the stress involved in the college admissions process.

About Us

Eydie Balsam, MSW, EdM

CEO - Chief Educational Officer
About Us

Bonnie Brodowski, MBA

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

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